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Friday, June 20, 2014

Before Geeks Were Cool Podcast Episode 11: Asian Manholes

Better late than never, or so they say. This week's episode was delayed due to a two-day power outage at MonsterPants World Headquarters.

Laree's back and he's here to tell us all about his month-long trip to Japan and Korea. Toy shopping and flea markets in both countries, visiting Lotteworld and the Studio Ghibli Museum, inside Totoro's house, various castles and a glance at the Gundam cafe are just some of the things he has to share with us.

Tangents include Laree's hollow Earth theories and Yeti disappointments, the making of Automations and Jim's scathing review of Noah's stint as guest co-host. Then just as our heroes begin to discuss the recent RoboCop and Snowpiercer movies, the power cuts out, bringing the show to an abrupt end.

But it's still the longest BGWC episode yet! Available on iTunes.