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Monday, February 14, 2011

Zombie author Max Brooks joins THE GIRL FROM MARS cast

Max Brooks, the bestselling author of "The Zombie Survival Guide" and "World War Z" will be appearing in the romantic science fiction film THE GIRL FROM MARS in a supporting role.

THE GIRL FROM MARS tells the story of a lonely nerd whose life is transformed when he meets the girl of his dreams who claims to be a visitor from another planet.

The film stars Pauley Perrette of the #1 CBS series NCIS and is written and directed by DIY auteur James Felix McKenney (AUTOMATONS). Lisa Wisely and Chase Tyler of The Work Room Productions are producing the project.

"I'm always excited to work with Jim!" says Mr. Brooks, who had a cameo as a news reporter in the director's Christploitation movie, SATAN HATES YOU. For THE GIRL FROM MARS, Brooks will be returning to the news desk, playing an anchorman in a series of television broadcasts which appear throughout the film.

Brooks' other acting credits include voice work on the animated series "Batman Beyond" and "Justice League". He has also written for "Saturday Night Live", for which he won an Emmy. His zombie books have sold over a million copies worldwide and are considered classics of the genre, whose influence can be seen in all facets of popular culture.

The author's wife, playwright Michelle Kholos Brooks, has also joined the cast, playing a co-worker to one of the story's main characters.

"I was hanging out with Michelle and Max after an American Cinemateque screening of SATAN HATES YOU in Los Angeles," explains McKenney, "Michelle and I were talking about the upcoming run of her show 'Love and Other Allergies' and she expressed an interest in maybe appearing in one of my films. I think that what she had in mind was a little non-speaking, walk-on part, but Michelle is really funny and extremely photogenic and I wasn't going to let all that talent go to waste."

Filming is scheduled to begin in May. 

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