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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Before Geeks Were Cool Podcast Episode 8: Crossing Streams

Guest co-host Noah Defilippis beams in with an armload of sound effects to talk Star Trek. This week Noah and Jim discuss the Star Trek feature films, Next Generation and beyond, Noah's screen-accurate Starfleet uniform, the Star Trek role playing game, Jar Jar Abrams, Avery Brooks' goatee and that time young Noah was molested by Rick Berman.

Set phasers to kill and get it on iTunes.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Before Geeks Were Cool Podcast Episode 7: Return to the End of the World

Part Two of Laree and Jim's discussion of post-apocalyptic TV shows, cartoons, comics and books gets particularly messy as Jim struggles to pronounce "post-apocalypse."

A whole slew of titles are discussed this week including Thundarr the Barbarian, Wizards, Max Headroom, Attack on Titan, Ark 2, The Big O, the Heavy Metal movie and magazine, Metal Hurlant Chronicles, Epic Illustrated, Samurai Jack, Korgoth of Barbaria, The Tripods, The Road, Earth Abides, The Drowned World, The Drought, Fist of the North Star and The Genocides, with shout-outs to The Retroist podcast and Humanoids publishing.

The end is near! Get it while you can on iTunes.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Before Geeks Were Cool Podcast Episode 6: Gushing for Ghidorah

The second part of Laree and Jim's post-apocalyptic ramblings has been pushed back for a week or two in order to celebrate the new Godzilla movie that's arriving this week.

In this episode, the boys remember their first encounter with the King of the Monsters as kids, discuss Godzilla cartoons, name their favorite Godzilla films and each give a list of their top five Kaiju.

It's an all-out giant monster attack that is not to be missed!

Stomp on over to iTunes to hear it now!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Before Geeks Were Cool Podcast Episode 5: The Coming of the Alpacalypse!

This week Laree and Jim chat about some of their favorite post-apocalyptic movies and comics. Titles discussed include The Running Man, Last Man on Earth, Tank Girl, Judge Dredd, Logan's Run, Akira, The City of Lost Children, Mad Max, Waterworld, The Postman, Y: The Last Man, Kamandi and more. This episode is 99% Conan-free!

Available now on iTunes.