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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Death to the Sea-Borgs!

The evil Invaders resin figures are here!

Enemies of the Sea-Borgs, these toxic beings came to the Sea-Borg world to strip it of its natural resource and poison it's water. The Sea-Borgs' Day of Death has come!

IV-101 - INVADER DEATH - The dark lord exterminatess all who encounter him.

IV-102 - INVADER DEMON - The fiery red Invader general determined to turn the Sea-Borg's home into a hellish inferno!

IV-103 - INVADER DECAY - This ghostly killer won't rest until the ocean world is a barren wasteland!

Handmade by filmmaker James Felix McKenney, this fiendish threesome are each available for $25 each at the MonsterPants booth #3116 at New York Comic Con or at the MonsterPants online store after the convention.

Figures are packaged in a clear bag with header card.

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