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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

SATAN in Missouri this December

SATAN HATES YOU will screen at Columbia, Missouri's Rag Tag Cinema on December 12 as part of  screenwriter and film programmer Simon Barrett's "Lost Gems" series.
Here's what Simon had to say about our film on his personal blog:

"In a huge, bizarre coup for the Lost Gems series, I am presenting the Missouri premiere of the 2010 film SATAN HATES YOU, which has previously only screened at a handful of film festivals worldwide. And what better way to prepare for the holidays than with an amazing, pitch perfect homage to Christian scare films? What’s that, you ask? What’s a Christian scare film? Well, like any viewer of IF FOOTMEN TIRE YOU, WHAT WILL HORSES DO? or any visitor of a fundamentalist Christian church’s “hell house” knows, Christian scare films are gory, salacious horror films with a sanctimonious message that makes all that horror okay. Like a Jack Chick tract come bloodily to life, and featuring genre legends Larry Fessenden, Debbie Rochon and Angus Scrimm in supporting roles, James Felix McKenney’s SATAN HATES YOU brilliantly bridges the gap between parody and homage. See it with your family and enjoy a spirited debate on the drive home!

Please note: There is absolutely no irony in my above synopsis of SATAN HATES YOU. This self-aware masterpiece is legitimately one of my favorite films of 2010, and with no release date currently scheduled, this is a rare opportunity to see an enormously entertaining and thoroughly unique independent film before anyone else has even heard of it. In fact, if enough of you don’t turn out for this screening, I will punish you by just programming SUBURBAN SASQUATCH every weekend in 2011 until the lack of Sunday night attendance drives both Uprise and Ragtag out of business. I’ll do it, too. And then when you’re spending your next free Sunday drinking sadly in the Stadium 14 parking lot after an evening screening of SHREK 6, you’ll be sorry."

More on Simon Barrett's Lost Gems can be found at the Rag Tag website.