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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


March 30, 2010

Channel Midnight to distribute Nathan Wrann's film BURNING INSIDE and James Felix McKenney's CANNIBALLISTIC!

Brooklyn, NY - Channel Midnight Releasing announces its arrival as a distributor of unique and unusual genre films beginning this spring with director Nathan Wrann's (HUNTING SEASON) dark and violent revenge thriller BURNING INSIDE, followed by a remastered version of James Felix McKenney's (AUTOMATONS, HYPOTHERMIA) debut feature CANNIBALLISTIC!

CHANNEL MIDNIGHT was founded by filmmaker James Felix McKenney (CANNIBALLISTIC!, HYPOTHERMIA) and producers Lisa Wisely (AUTOMATONS, SATAN HATES YOU) and Chase Tyler of The Work Room Productions as a means to distribute select titles from McKenney's filmography. Along the way they have come across impressive works by other talented filmmakers that screamed to be seen by their target audience.
"We started out forming the company simply to distribute a new "prime cut" of my first film CANNIBALLISTIC! and some upcoming projects that I've been developing. But when I saw Nathan's film BURNING INSIDE, I fell in love with it and knew we had to be a part of getting it out there." says McKenney.

BURNING INSIDE is an intense, surreal and violent exploration of the entangled nature of revenge and memory from Nathan Wrann, Dalton Gang Productions and Elmar Berger's Manic Entertainment. The film stars Michael Wrann and Kristina Powis.

Fear Zone's Greg Lamberson had this to say about BURNING INSIDE: "There is an awareness of filmmaking as a storytelling medium at work here that you will not find in a multiplex... A wholly original and daring piece of cinema. It's rare that acting, cinematography and editing work in such perfect harmony to create something this unique... Highly recommended to lovers of smart films."

CANNIBALLISTIC! is the first of five (to date) features from writer-director McKenney. This black comedy / horror film stars Don Wood (COLONIAL HOUSE, HYPOTHERMIA) as a recovering cannibal driven over the edge by his annoying neighbors. Shock Cinema magazine said about the movie during its original release: "CANNIBALLISTIC is a wickedly subversive tale packed with blood-soaked laughs and amusing characters." Rue Morgue Magazine declared, "Fine performances, strong direction, effective music and a smart, tongue-in-cheek script make CANNIBALLISTIC! a no-budget winner... check it out."

Channel Midnight's mission is to bring smart, non-traditional genre cinema to the audience for which it was intended for. Whether you like Horror, Science Fiction, Thrillers, Urban Dramas, Psychedelia, Off-beat Documentaries or the Unclassifiable (our favorite), Channel Midnight is committed to bringing you films with a unique voice that doesn't speak to the mainstream.
The company is currently moving forward to make the films available via Video on Demand, digital download and DVD through select retailers and the Channel Midnight website:


LISA WISELY and CHASE TYLER produce film and theater under their company The Work Room Productions. Lisa is the Producer of the critically acclaimed feature film AUTOMATONS and the upcoming SATAN HATES YOU. She has worked as a Business Manager for several film companies and heads up the operations at Channel Midnight.  Chase Tyler is a producer currently working on a new theatrical production called The Ride, a mobile entertainment experience in Times Square. In addition to their producing work which includes several film and theater projects in development, Lisa and Chase own a costume design company under the name Chase Tyler Design as well as Green Room Promotions, a merchandising company with a commitment to sourcing environmentally-friendly productions.

JAMES FELIX MCKENNEY's first feature film was the horror / black comedy CANNIBALLISTIC!, which was co-produced by his company MonsterPants. He has served as a producer on Glass Eye Pix's ScareFlix film series which includes THE ROOST and TRIGGER MAN. McKenney is responsible for writing and directing the first film in the line, the quirky supernatural drama THE OFF SEASON, which premiered on Lionsgate home video as the #1 debut DVD renter in North America. This was followed up by the critically acclaimed, retro-styled, killer robot film AUTOMATONS, which played festivals around the world as well as extended theatrical runs in New York and Chicago. Currently playing festivals is McKenney's homage to Christian "scare" cinema, SATAN HATES YOU. His most recent writing/directing projects include HYPOTHERMIA from Dark Sky Films, premiering in 2010.