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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not So Weird...

Both AUTOMATONS and SATAN HATES YOU get (mixed) reviews at 366 Weird Movies:

"Where Automatons takes an admirable independent risk is in its lethargic pacing, which, despite the plot and acting, creates a hypnotic milieu.  Long, static takes, along with the much repeated Scrimm transmissions, are, at first, odd, then oddly compelling. This is the one surprising, indeed endearing quality about AUTOMATONS.  It refuses to cater to commercial pacing."
-- Alfred Eaker on AUTOMATONS

"It’s funny at times, the horror can be genuinely cringe-inducing, and I found myself satisfied with the in-your-face approach to the style.  It is a pleasurable feature from a low-profile director whose talent brings forth an assortment of surprising innovations."
-- Eric Young on SATAN HATES YOU