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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Announcing the Geeks Away Travel Guide!

Search for nerdy fun by city, state or zip code on Geeks Away

March 27, 2018

The Geek’s Away Travel Guide is every science fiction, comic book, anime, fantasy, gaming and horror fan’s tour guide to the nerdiest attractions in America (and eventually, other places in the world!). Search by state, city or zip code for listings of geek-approved shops, exhibits, film locations and other destinations that no self-respecting pop culture fan should miss.

Created by filmmaker, writer, artist and lifelong geek James Felix McKenney, the guide currently lives on the web at with an Android app currently available and an app for iPhone and iPad coming within the next few weeks.

“The idea came to me when my friend and co-host of my podcast, Before Geeks Were Cool, was coming from Los Angeles to visit me in New York,” says McKenney. “We were planning on spending some time going to comic shops, toy stores and other geeky attractions in NYC before heading to Pennsylvania to visit the Frank Frazetta Museum, so I started looking for guides to other nerdy stuff we could do on the trip in between. I was really surprised to find that such a geek guide didn’t exist, so I set out to remedy that.”

McKenney stresses that the online guide is a work in progress with hundreds of listings currently featured with more being added every day. “There are already sites online to locate comic book shops or that list convention schedules, so we’re really focused on geeky art galleries, arcade bars, gaming stores with unique events, nerdy roadside attractions, theme restaurants and filming locations from genre movies, as well as a few ‘destination’ comic shops and other places of interest.” Visitors are also welcome to contact Geeks Away via the website to suggest listings.

So whether you’re traveling to a new state or just wondering what you may be missing in your own neighborhood, Geeks Away is here to make sure you don’t miss out on any fun!