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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Battle Damaged Automatons Companion Robot Figure from MonsterPants!

 Now's your chance to have your very own battle damaged Automatons Companion Robot from the acclaimed indie film!

MonsterPants, known for both a series of independent genre films (Hypothermia, Satan Hates You) as well as its line of handmade Sea-Borgs toys, brings you the best of both worlds with a 1:18 scale Battle Damaged Companion Robot based on the character from the Glass Eye Pix / MonsterPants movie, Automatons.

This clunky, junky little robot was hand sculpted, cast, finished and packaged by the film's writer and director, James Felix McKenney. Crafted with the same DIY aesthetic as the film that inspired it, each figure is uniquely "battle damaged" and deformed, with the added feature of a spatter of maroon "Warbot" paint left over from the 2005 production of the movie.

With an ultra-limited run of just 12 pieces, the Automatons Battle Damaged Companion Robot will be available for $40.00 USD each plus shipping at the MonsterPants online shop at Noon EST this Thursday, September 17th.

Every order of this figure will also include an Automatons movie refrigerator magnet, postcard and a set of four collectible trading cards.

Automatons debuted at the Oldenburg Film Festival in 2006 and enjoyed a long life on the festival circuit as well as theatrical runs in New York and Chicago. The film was released on DVD a year later by Facets Video.

A collectible, limited edition VHS re-release of the film from Lovechild Pictures is scheduled for mid October of this year. For more information, visit the Lovechild Pictures Facebook page.

What the critics have said about Automatons:

"AUTOMATONS is a smart, thought-provoking tale equipped with the moody ambiance and intellectual integrity of a classic episode of THE OUTER LIMITS. That's high praise indeed." - SHOCK CINEMA

"The movie’s loving attention to light and shade transcends its hermetic setting and meager budget. At times the buzzing static and fizzy backlighting recall the glistening surrealism of the filmmaker Guy Maddin. Enormously endearing" - THE NEW YORK TIMES

"Ingenuity Triumphs Over No Budget in this Indie Sci-Fi Release" - TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES

"It's not a film of compromise but of sheer determination, refusing to be defined by its budget and liberated by a decision to overcome its bank account with sheer imagination." - NEW YORK SUN

"Best Shoestring Sci-Fi of 2006"- WIRED

"Robot radness achieved!" - VILLAGE VOICE

So act now! The robot uprising has begun!