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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Before Geeks Were Cool Podcast Episode 41: Card Sharks!

 It's the trading card episode! Listen as your hosts ramble on about their memories of Wacky Packages, Ugly Stickers, Odd Rods, Topps, Creature Features, Batman 1966, Mars Attacks, Marvel Super Heroes Stickers, Sports cards, Planet of the Apes, ALF, Charlie's Angels, Star Wars, Wonder bread and Hostess cards, ET, Close Encounters, Professional Wrestling, Superman the Movie, Kiss, The Bay City Rollers, Horrors of War, The Incredible Hulk, 1980's & 90's comics cards, Marvel Superheroes Sugarless Gum, Mork and Mindy, Empire Strikes, Mego Museum cards, Garbage Pail Kids, flipping for cards, Moonraker, Sucklord's Suckpax and more of the usual off topic chatter about movies including Ex Machina and Mad Max - Fury Road.

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