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Sunday, October 6, 2013

CHAPTER FOUR trailer and release information!

In the tradition of the critically acclaimed feature film AUTOMATONS comes MonsterPants latest retro science fiction project, CHAPTER FOUR.

The first episode in a proposed 10-part micro-budget web serial, CHAPTER FOUR stars musician, filmmaker, artist and author Aurelio Voltaire, actress Mizuo Peck (Night at the Museum 1 & 2), actor Matt Huffman (Satan Hates You) and artist and television personality The Sucklord (Bravo TV's "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist").

The project's writer and director is genre-bending DIY filmmaker James Felix McKenney (Hypothermia, Satan Hates You) who is co-producing the series with Lisa Wisely of The Work Room. Eric Branco (Hypothermia, V/H/S) is Director of Photography.

CHAPTER FOUR embraces its minuscule budget with a low-fi sci-fi style that takes its cues from a wide variety of influences including 1950's B-movies, early experimental films, Japanese underground cinema and 1960's "Doctor Who" episodes.

The film is intended to evoke the pre-internet and pre-home video experience of discovering a cult television series or film for the first time by just stumbling upon it in the middle of the story. Future episodes will be filmed and released out of order to keep the mystery alive and to cause audiences to ask not only, "What will happen next?" but also "How did we get here?"

The trailer for CHAPTER FOUR is now available at:

CHAPTER FOUR itself has a running time of approximately 9.5 minutes and will arrive as a digital download at on October 8. This first available episode costs $1.99 to own and all profits from the sale of CHAPTER FOUR will go toward making the next part in the series, CHAPTER SEVEN.

For more information and to download CHAPTER FOUR, please visit